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Master link page of
Juhapekka Tolvanen

My current bookmarks

Some old linkpages in chronological order (from oldest to newest)

Netscape Bookmarks for Juhapekka Tolvanen (old)

Name says it all. There are some non-functional links, too. Available only as packed with Bzip2:

Cutted blocks of Netscape Bookmarks

I just wanted to do something for bloat of my Netscape-bookmarks, so I cutted some blocks away from them and put them to other place. I also sent those blocks of anti-Microsoft-links to maintainers of some anti-Microsoft-linkpages, so they could add them to their linkpages. And I did corresponding trick for those “Linux in the news”- and “Free software in the news”-links

juhtolv's old Netscape bookmarks converted with bk2site

Name says it all. Much more comfortable to use than Netscape Bookmarks as single file, although front page is still too big (476945 bytes = 466 kilobytes). Size of this directory is 3506176 bytes (3.4 megabytes). Does not have those cutted blocks at all. Only available as Bzip2-packed Tape archive (259284 bytes = 253 kilobytes)

What is this?

One of my nicknames is “The Mad Linker” (or “Da Mad Linka”). I got it because I collect so much WWW-links. This is a collection of all my current WWW-bookmarks and some old link collections, too.


Collecting link-lists is mostly like re-inventing the wheel. There exists all those search engines and link portals. But personal bookmarks and link lists have some advantages over them: When you have found some good WWW-page about some topic that you are really interested in, it is no use to stress those search engines or link portals again. It is faster to find that link from personal bookmarks.

Releasing own personal bookmarks is generally good thing. There might be some more or less like-minded people who are interested in same topics. Your links might be very useful for them, too.

On the other hand, Google and other search engines will find those links, too. Then they will follow them and find more WWW-pages about those topics that author of links list is interested in. Then those WWW-pages will get better rank in search results. The more people are doing the same, the better rank relevant page about certain topics will get.

Problems of my old link pages

Maintaining of hand-edited linklist is just plain boring and takes too much time. It is much more convenient to just collect links to Bookmarks-list of WWW-browser and then release it as HTML. In Netscape and older versions of Mozilla Firefox Bookmark-file is actually just one big HTML-file, so there is no need to convert it at all. But my Bookmarks-file is so fscking big, that it might be one reason for slow operation of my Mozilla Firefox. It is also real pain in the ass to load such file to WWW-browser.

It is possible to convert bookmarks of Netscape to Yahoo!-like portal with some programs. I prefer bk2site. But that do not help me much, because in that case front page is still too big. And even subsections are too big. They must be sorted more carefully.

There exist many programs for checking validity of links in WWW-pages. Those programs work fine, but it would be very time-consuming to remove all those outdated links from all my link list. There is still too much hand-editing.

Plans for my new link collections

I switced from Netscape 4.* to different WWW-browser. It is called Galeon. It is based on Gecko, that HTML-engine Mozilla-project. It saves its bookmarks using fileformat called XBEL. It can also import bookmarks of Netscape.

Later I switched to Mozilla Firefox. It used that same format for links that Netscape used, but later it switched to SQlite-based database. It still can export its links as one big HTML-file, though.

Sometimes I export those bookmarks in that old format of Firefox and release it, in original form and in bk2site-converted form. That is the link page you should use. I also convert my links to XBEL. There will be outdated links, but I will remove and update them, when I have time.

I have had some hand-edited link lists, but they are not valid HTML. I want to write my WWW-pages so that they are as valid HTML as possible. I may move links from those old link lists to my bookmarks when I have time.

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