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Juhapekka Tolvanen
Some Contact Information

Suomeksi / In Finnish


Before trying to get any contact with me, in certain situations it may be a good idea to consider this question for a while: Are you absolutely sure, it’s really me you are after, and not this man having almost the same name?:

Juha-Pekka Tolvanen

I have much longer hair. No, I am not object-oriented programming -guru. No, I am not a CEO of MetaCase. No, there is no hyphen in my forename. No, I did not code even a line of program code to MetaEdit+-software. In fact, I will hardly never code even a line of program code to any proprietary, non-free and closed-source computer program. Trust me: Confusions really have been, already.


I hate spam, spamming and spammers. And I do not want that some spammer’s robot collecting E-Mail addresses will find also my E-Mail address.

There is my login or account in my E-Mail Address, first; all its letters are minuscules (AKA lower-case letters). Its first three (3) letters are same as first three letters of my forename. (Hmmm… What a beautiful day today…). Next four (4) letter are same as four first letters of my surname. (BTW my forename is Juhapekka). Then there is that funny character, that has nicknames like Vortex, Whorl, Whirlpool, Cyclone, Snail and Rose. (And my surname is Tolvanen). Then comes the domain, that is ”iki” . Now you must write that punctuation mark that ends sentence. It is not comma (nor colon or semi-colon). Then you need to write so called top-level domain and it is ”fi”.

On the other hand, when my E-Mail address is expressed with NATO phonetic alphabet, it is:

Juliett Uniform Hotel Tango Oscar Lima Victor (at) India Kilo India (dot) Foxtrot India

If you can not find my E-Mail address with these instructions, then you are probably some spammer’s robot collecting E-Mail addresses…

But if you are some bungler who can not figure out what I said above, then you can use few times this spamgourmet-address that will self destruct after 20 E-Mails. If needed, I can destroy it even earlier, if I start to get spam to it:

It is totally allowed and even recommended to use UTF-8 -character encoding in E-Mails that are sent to me, but mail user agents I am using can use many other character encodings, too, as long as used character encoding is indicated in headers of E-Mail.

I do not like stupid E-Mail attachments, for example MS Word -documents, that has absolutely no information that can not be expressed in plain text. I even wrote a dedicated WWW-page about that topic. It is in Finnish language, but it also has links to other pages about that same topic.


National: (040) 73 72 180
International: +358 40 73 72 180

Snail-Mail address

Available upon request.

Street address

Available upon request.


Try /WHOIS -command, first. Output should look something like this:

[2013-02-09 18:42:47] [IRCNet] -!- naula []
[2013-02-09 18:42:47] [IRCNet] -!-  ircname  : Juhapekka Tolvanen |
[2013-02-09 18:42:47] [IRCNet] -!-  server   : [Tampere Region, Finland]
[2013-02-09 18:42:47] [IRCNet] -!- End of WHOIS

Or this:

[2010-05-23 01:03:17] -!- naula3 []
[2010-05-23 01:03:17] -!-  ircname  : Juhapekka Tolvanen |
[2010-05-23 01:03:17] -!-  server   : [Nebula Oy Co-Op server, Finland]
[2010-05-23 01:03:17] -!- End of WHOIS

Or this:

[2010-06-22 05:23:48] -!- naula4 []
[2010-06-22 05:23:48] -!-  ircname  : Juhapekka Tolvanen |
[2010-06-22 05:23:48] -!-  server   : [TDC Oy, Finland]
[2010-06-22 05:23:48] -!- End of WHOIS

If two or more of aforementioned IRC-clients are online, type your /MSG to client running on (not plain, first. Then try client running in plain . Then try client running in .

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